Yes, it's happened again. Hello. I've just taken a break from bashing my head against the wall to write this, and to wait until my sight returns, the crippling pain subsides and my brain stops hissing at me in guttural French. And these are the unfortunate tidings I find myself reporting: yes, it's happened again, our forum database is knackered.

As you may remember, a while back we lost the database due to an error on our part. As the scantiest of comforts, this time around the fault lies with the hosting company. We're still trying to ascertain exactly what happened ('your database was corrupted in the outage' isn't much of an explanation, yet it's the only one we've been offered thus far) and what can be done.

According to the hosting company, the back-ups of the database have also been corrupted. That seems to run counter to the very bloody point of a bloody back-up, but I've ceased to expect basic competence from these people. Rest assured that regardless of how this all comes out, we shall take our custom elsewhere.

We profoundly regret confronting you, our members, with another deeply annoying setback like this. Wastrel and Belgarath are hard at work to see what can be salvaged. We will keep you posted.

On behalf of the moderation team,

humble, pissed off and with aching head,